Dreamz Do Come True - "Helping To Make Dreams A Reality"
The Dreamz Do Come True Foundation is a 501c3 foundation for youth development, mentorship, and training centers.
We are geared towards keeping our youth active by making an impact in life. We express the importance of being good role models and representing themselves well at all times. We seek to help many organizations across the country ensure that young people are provided adequate assistance in areas such as education, sports, fashion, performing arts, and leadership. We also look to incorporate training Centers as well. Our youth are powerful and desire to do and accomplish great things in life, if they are given the opportunity. 
We believe they can make a difference. Dreamz Do Come True looks to tap into the hearts and minds of our young people to let them know that anything is possible if they believe. We look to implement the importance of leaving a legacy in the lives of our youth which will motivate others to grab hold and follow.  Dreamz Do Come True also assist with other various foundations in the community.  For example, we worked closely with the Jarrett Jack Foundation by voluteering time to help teach youth ages 7 -17  boys and girls the fundamentals of basketball since the start in 2009. This camp is a powerful camp hosted and lead by founder, Jarrett Jack. (current NBA point guard for the Golden State Warriors). This camp allows young people to see many individuals with various professions in the industry, and meet other past and current NBA players as they come to speak to the youth each day.